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About But Seriously, Who Knew?

Cancer is cancer. Chemo is chemo. Right? That’s what Mel thought before she received her diagnosis. But she quickly found out she had a lot to learn! From bird poo to shingles, Aunt Sally to a burnt boob, and too many other ‘special joys’ to mention, who knew? Everyone’s cancer story is different, not worse, not better, just different. Mel lets us in on her own unique story of cancer, other illnesses, and general life chaos with some inappropriate humour and a touch of swearing.


“How you have suffered knock back after knock back and then bounced back time after time is nothing short of amazing. My eyes leaked a couple of times and I also laughed. Quite a few times actually as I also love inappropriate humour. What a story.” JV

“I think people who have been diagnosed with cancer, or their loved ones, will find this book incredibly helpful in terms of navigating the emotional and medical/physical side of things. I love the way you can make tragedy funny, which is incredibly difficult. This has the potential to be an incredibly depressing book, but somehow it isn’t because you wrote it.” AD

“It goes without saying the story... is amazing. I love the stream of consciousness style in which it is written.” CG

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