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About My Cancer Journal

I've been there - I know you are scared. When you are first diagnosed with cancer, processing all of the emotions can be so overwhelming. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, something that really helped me was writing and that is why I created this journal for YOU.


My Cancer Journal is a safe space for you to make sense of the chaos by writing down all of your thoughts and feelings, including anger, fear, and disbelief, but also humour and gratitude (I know right - you can't imagine ever feeling gratitude again... but you will).

Use this journal however feels right for you. There is space to write, draw, doodle, or stick things in. There are drawings to colour or puzzles to keep your brain occupied in the waiting room. There are diary prompts and mindfulness exercises. There is space for all the practical, admin stuff that will seem really overwhelming, so it’s good to have one place to record it all – appointments, questions, symptoms and side-effects – all the fun stuff. Keeping on top of the day-to-day ‘stuff’ will hopefully allow you time to be creative and be free to express your emotions, both the positive and negative feelings. There is no right or wrong way to deal with a cancer diagnosis, there is just YOUR way.

My Cancer Journal would make a great gift for a loved one who has been recently diagnosed. It's nigh on impossible to know how to really help or what to say. By letting them know you care, you are there whenever they need you, you understand they may need time and space to process the devastating sentence 'I'm afraid is cancer', shows how much they mean to you.

Everyone’s story is unique. That’s what makes us special. One story is not more important than another, just different. You can read my story in my memoir But Seriously, Who Knew?

50% of any profit made, from the sale of My Cancer Journal, will be donated to Breast Friends - a local (Suffolk/Essex) CIC (community interest company) who are building a community of breast cancer patients from diagnosis, during treatment, surgery and beyond.

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